Sam Boosting Confidences Of Students

‘Trailblazing’ a new program or can say the initiative of world champions of sailing under which the champions are helping young talent to enhance their self-confidence.

In the program the three times European sailing champion and world champion Sam Brearey is working in association with academy Ormiston River located in Burnham.

From the Ormiston River academy six students were given the one-to- one session of mentoring with Sam. In the session Breary helped students in the area of self-development, boost confidence, behavior and other attitude related things. Sam did this with the help of task that were designed to meet the need.

This is not like this development programs are only for academies, but under the scheme community projects are being developed to address the problems that are faced by young talent of Burnham. In the beginning of December the team of Sam travelled to London and presented the project ideas world- class athletes and trusts.

Harry Bradley, he is 11 years old shared his experience after taking the session and said: “The program motivated me and helped me in gaining confidence what I was lacking. I was shy and was not interacting with anyone. Basically, I did not want to talk to anyone. But, after taking the session of Sam, I can confidently talk to anyone without any fear.” “As a mentor Sam is very funny, he makes us understand things just like friends and not as a teacher. He created a bond among all the students that were in his session.”

Other students, who attended the program by Sam, had similar feedback. The change in their attitude was visible from first instance itself.

Not only the students, but the companions of Sam too enjoyed the session and thanked him for his efforts in boosting confidence in children.

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