Satellite Phone Is A Mandatory Requirement For Sailing Crew

Recently, sailing vessels are provisioned with the VHF communication system. After acknowledging the growing needs of sailors, the arrangement for satellite phone communication is made. Fortunately, this much in need communication will play stupendous role in rescuing crew in trouble at sea, as per the info from S. Lasington Fernando, secretary, Thoothukudi Coastal Mechanized Sail Vessel Owners Association.

This advanced facility is out for minimum possible usage say for an hour/day in order to exchange communication about the position of vessels at sea weather also the nearest seaport from the sailing vessels.

It is to note that the current sail vessel is fully equipped with a VHF communication system and through this; the crew would be not be able to reach more than 20 nautical miles. During the occasions of struggle with engine, there was nothing to connect with search and rescue or any mode of communication to contact vessel operation

This reason headed for seeking such a useful device for sailing crew. This is being told The Hindu, this Saturday

The fleet of twenty-five distinct vessels with cargo will start the voyage to different ports such as the Maldives, Sri Lanka, the Lakshadweep Islands and lastly the West coast.

It is to note that during a troubling situation such as unanticipated cyclone; jetties available in nearby Ports permit the cargo sail vessels and avail the berth on the ground of compassion to save the lives of crew members. There is nothing about the percentage of loss took place in the cargo, most importantly, human lives are more precious during the situations like cyclone etc.

For protecting sail vessel industry, there is proviso for dry docking in Thoothukudi, a major seaport.

After getting approval of 1 lakh crore by Centre for development of the Ports along with Highways in Tamilnadu state, he said, for the construction of the dry locking facility will be done on the priority basis.

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