Tango The New Luxury Yacht

The yacht designers’ world is abuzz with the 30 m sailing yacht called Tango that is being brought to the forefront by Wallycento. The yacht is a similar design to other yachts like Magic Carpet 3 which was launched in 2013 and Open Season that was launched in 2012. Wally is known for the creations that raise the bar for modern luxury yachts and this latest version is a pleasure to behold. As the president states, it is a step forward in the segment of high performance super yachts.


Mills Design was the architect while builders Persico and interior designers Pininfarina put their heads together to make the design a reality of this cruiser cum racer yacht. It combines style and performance in a unique way. These three names came together to work for the Monegasque brand that is a unique feat by itself. Indeed, it has been an accomplishment that three leaders from diverse fields came together to work on a project together.

Mills was able to provide vital inputs as he had experienced in having worked on previous projects owned by Wally. He was given the freedom to design a new Wally yacht that is 30 meters in dimension and he was encouraged to innovate and come out with a beautiful solution to create a cutting edge racing sailboat. Pininfarina on the other hand, being a design house of Italy, created the interiors to match the soul essence of the boat that is aggressive. Elegance and comfort are added as the key elements to help the owners rest in style once a day of races was over. He used elements like leather, carbon fiber and wood to keep a balance of eco friendliness, durability as well as maintain a sense of luxury. It is definitely a yacht to look out for.

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