Team Oman Air In Act 2

Team Oman Air is also part of the Act 2 of Extreme Sailing Series. On the second day of the tournament it seemed that the team had everything in place, but due to light winds in Qingdao in China the races had to be abandoned.

The team along with skipper Phil Robertson was poised to move into action for about three hours as they waited for the right breeze to pick up, but unlike the opening breeze that came on the first day, it failed to appear on the second day of the tournament. That has reduced their scoring opportunities and the Omani crew would have to continue in their fifth position on the penultimate day of the series in Fushan Bay. They are ten points behind the Alinghi team and six points short of making it to the podium.

The final race is scheduled on Monday and it would have double points. Hence Oman Air has chance to move up the leader board and be able to secure their third overall position. They had scored similarly in the curtain raiser event of the Extreme Sailing Series that had been held last month in Muscat. Oman Air crew knows that they need to be patient, which is the key to success and they are hopeful that Monday will get them better wind conditions to sail and prove themselves. They are all aware that sailing is one sport where you are at the mercy of the weather and often the wind fails to give adequate speed to get the boats in the water. The venue of the Extreme Sailing Series Act 2 is also a place that is known to have uncertain wind conditions. Hence, it should not come as a surprise to the teams when a full day of sailing is put off due to unfavorable wind conditions.

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