Three Red Funnel Collisions Take Place Back To Back In A Month

The Red Funnel ferry service’s car ferry (4,128 tons) is presently at least 40-50 m off its natural position due to its collision with some yachts at East Cowes. The circumstance got worse when there was no means to rescue them quickly. A citizen called for help from the water to which respondents were given instantly, but unfortunately, the low visibility situation raised the fear factor among the public as well as an adverser situation for the rescue team.

Various coastguards were present at the location for the procedures. The car was then sailed to Southampton after being cleared for inspection by MCA. Three incidents backs to back from red funnel services truly created a fuzz that direct to the suspension of the master. They are planning on enhancing their low visibility situation handlings. After the red falcon accident, the red funnel’s CEO Fran Collins reminded that the services are going to continue indeed as the incident caused no impairment to the ship. He also mentioned that the company would look into the incident with few notable reports and as mentioned earlier they will look up to facing the low visibility with maximum precautions.

The latest collision was in October where it collided with few yachts in Cowes Harbor. The first one was on 27 September where it collided with few yachts due to low visibility issues. On 29 September red falcon hit a 31-foot yacht with two people in it. MAC and MAIB are investing it. Back to back accidents actually caused the red funnel a bit of fear. Although their preventive measures seemed pretty much acceptable, situations in September and October made it clear their measures weren’t summing up. It is interesting to see the status of this further.

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